Coober Power Kit for 2021-2023 KTM 390 Duke / 2022-2023 RC 390

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COOBER ECU and Air Box Cover Power Kit for 2021-2023 KTM Duke 390 / 2022-2023 RC 390

Coober's Performance ECU paired with an open air box cover. Air box cover allows for more air flow, adding power and a throaty sound to your 390 Adventure.


COOBER is uncompromising on three key principles when engineering their ECUs:

  • Performance: More power throughout the entire RPM range. Dyno confirmed, Seat of your pants verified.
  • Rideability: Optimum power delivery, smooth consistent feel and elimination of jerkiness
  • Engine Reliability: Zero damage to your engine


COOBER ECUs are not bound by the closed loop like traditional piggyback systems. COOBER ECUs are able to provide the perfect mapping in all RPM ranges and every gear.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Horsepower gains throughout the RPM Range
  • Power continues in the higher RPMs after stock mapping falls off
  • Plug-and-Play, No additional parts needed
  • Optimized and Locked, No software or tuning needed
  • 100% Safe for your engine
  • Does not interfere with any safety or emissions systems

*Includes STOCK and DE-CAT mapping.


COOBER Cat Delete Header (Optional):


  • Weighs only 680 Grams
  • Calculated volume for perfect exhaust flow
  • Narrow design
  • Constructed of hand welded, high quality stainless steel
  • We highly recommend the use of a proper fuel management system with this exhaust
  • Using this de-cat on a stock bike setup can be problematic, the stock ECU will shift fueling time out of the configured range and can cause serious damage to the engine
  • Intended for closed course use only


  • KTM 390 Duke 2021-2023
  • KTM RC 390 2022-2023
Installation Instructions

COOBER GmbH, based in Austria, works closely with major motorcycle manufacturers to ensure you are getting the most out of your bike without sacrificing any engine durability or altering the emissions. COOBER uses a unique combination of testing equipment to make this happen. First, they use a Dyno to find the absolute most power they can squeeze out of the engine. Then they use an Olympus Innov-X 5000 Analyzer and FerroCheck 2000 to analyze the engine oil in order to find the point at which it starts breaking down. Using this information, COOBER is able to program their ECU to increase performance and still be 100% confident that it will not cause any engine damage. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Fast fast fast it upped my horsepower

Oh My!

My Duke has awakened! The little engine that could certainly can now! Smooth and strong acceleration throughout the the RPM range. I did the Cat-Delete and the Air box cover. MAN what a difference!

Get it use affirm if you have to!

made it fun , better , n just better
night and day difference i could never go back to stock! the sound of ripping it on second gear and up low rpm is addicting , made it adequate for me i ride in san diego , had it for two years no problems hope they make it for the 2022 rc390