COOBER LM Device for KTM 790 Adventure 2019-2024

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COOBER LM ECU for 2019-2024 KTM 790 Adventure

Once again COOBER is setting the benchmark for KTM reliability, performance and safety

Features and Benefits

  • Full support for each gear and drive mode
  • Full support of factory EUR5  lean/rich sequence
  • Full support for Aftermarket mufflers
  • Perfect torque output at low/mid revs
  • Improved 0-1/2 throttle performance and better throttle response
  • Better power deliver at part throttle
  • Very reliable setup, developed by COOBER
  • Fully Plug N Play only two connections
  • Support for all warning lights and standard functions
  • Supports cat delete exhaust system


  • KTM 790 Adventure 2019-2024
  • KTM 790 Adventure R 2019-2024
  • KTM 790 Adventure Rally 2019-2024