Optimized Enduro Radiator Guards for GasGas EC/EX/MC 2021-2024 (Red)

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Optimized Enduro Radiator Guards for Gas Gas EC/EX/MC 2021-2024 (Red)

Optimized Enduro radiator guards are milled from solid aluminum and built to withstand the toughest environments without breaking the bank.


  • Hand assembled using threadlocker on all fasteners so you don't have to worry about bolts vibrating out during your ride.
  • Fin design allows air in and keeps debris and puncture hazards out of your radiator.
  • Sturdy design functions as both radiator guard and brace, protecting the radiators during a crash.
  • GasGas 125-500 MC/EX/EC/ES/EW 2021-2024