COOBER LM Device for KTM 890 Duke R 2020-2023

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COOBER LM ECU for 2020-2024 KTM 890 Duke R

Once again COOBER is setting the benchmark for KTM reliability, performance and safety

Features and Benefits

  • Full support for each gear and drive mode
  • Full support of factory EUR4/EUR5 software sequence
  • Full support for Aftermarket mufflers
  • Perfect torque output at low/mid revs
  • Improved 0-1/2 throttle performance and better throttle response
  • Better power deliver at part throttle
  • Very reliable setup, developed by COOBER
  • Fully Plug N Play only two connections
  • Support for all warning lights and standard functions
  • Supports cat delete exhaust system


  • KTM 890 Duke R 2020-2023

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Quick install, noticeable improvement

Install was less than 30 minutes. The biggest change was the midrange hit the bike now has. Part throttle response is smoothed out for low speed riding. How the bike should of been from the factory.
2022 duke 890r
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Rottweiler air box

John Hudek
Substantial Improvement

This little black box makes quite the difference when combined with a de-cat, Yoshimura AT2 slip on silencer, fat map (wire cut), and track mode slip set at 4. Average of seven rolling start 40 to 80 mph drags are as follows (measured at same location):

Bone stock: 4.48s

De-cat, AT2, fat map: 3.01s

An astonishing improvement. It being a black box is the only down side, you don't really know how it works.

Proven product

I installed one of the previous versions on my Duke 390 a few years ago. Significant improvement with smoother running lower RPM riding and better mid-range pull.
Now this version on my 890 GP with same results. My 890 had a flat spot between 4-5k RPM that is resolved. Coober engineering is proven. I recommend..